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The economy maybe in upheaval and businesses in flux, but sharp business owners are finding new ways to draw attention to their services with Mobile LED signs.  The company is thrilled to be able to set up entrepreneurs at a rate they can easily afford for mobile advertising. For a limited time, Source4Signs is offering a huge savings when ordering online at the company website located at

Mobile billboards

The advertising signs are basically mobile billboards that attach to the back of a car and can hold up to one hundred digital messages. Normally the Mobile LED Signs cost $2,950.00. The advertising signs are on sale now for a limited time for only $995.00.   The selection is immense with the biggest choices on the web


Advertising signs

The Mobile LED signs are a sure fire vehicle advertising solution operated by a remote control and display the chosen message in up to three colors.  The billboard on wheels will exhibit one large line or two smaller lines in red, green or yellow text on the LED display.  The LED signs are installed much like a bike rack by sliding the mobile sign into an existing receiver. The LED display are mobile billboards that you can park any where.

The Mobile billboard signs are taking off around the country and perfect for any type of business looking for mobile media or mobile advertising.  The contemporary web portal is helpful and easy to navigate.   With plenty of examples of various signage and advertising ideas, ordering is simple and convenient for customers online.

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